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2021: Basic Guide On How To Rank Youtube Videos


2021: Basic Guide On How To Rank Youtube Videos

You might want to start a youtube channel but your fear and most challenging issue is that you don’t know how to rank your videos so as to gain massive views and subscribers.

Knowing how to rank your Videos is the best means of generating views on Youtube, if you are able to rank your videos among the top 3 on Youtube Search then your high chances of making it big on youtube is ON already.

Step By Step On How To Rank Youtube Videos 2021

  1. Get Yourself a Niche [Choose A Category That Best Suite Yur Talent] Don’t choose what you know doesn’t correspond or tally to your kind].

2. Get a catchy Channel name that aligns with your chosen niche [This step should be taken more seriously because that’s what will keep the channel flowing.

3. Set Up your Youtube Channel [Get Unique Cover Art, Write Channel Description, and your Upload Settings].

4. When Uploading a Video make sure you fill in every detail accordingly e.g let’s say the title is ” How To Rank Youtube Videos” make sure your Description entails nothing but every necessary information related to your content/video.

5. Add End Screens [Most people skip these step]

6. Add Cards [Don’t skip this step also very important]

7. Make sure you put in Tags [This step is very necessary without tags youtube can’t rank your videos to the desired keywords]

8. Publish your video [Goto your Youtube Search Bar after a minute of publishing and type your video keywords to see your ranked content].


We stop here for today on the Basic Tutorials On How To Rank Youtube Videos 2021.

With these few simple steps, I hope you can be able to rank all your youtube videos at ease. After reading please don’t hesitate to share with family and friends it might be of help to them also.


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