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STEPS: How To Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Your Fan Page At Once


STEPS: How To Invite All Facebook Friends To Like Your Fan Page At Once

Many people will like to switch from their Facebook Account to their business fan pages but because they don’t want to loose their audience and don’t know how to invite all their friends to join their fan pages by liking it, they prefer not to launch one.

Inviting All Your Facebook Friends at once seems to be the hotcake that many are suffering with. Due to so many request we intend to share out this important Facebook Tips on how to get all your friends to like your fan page (Small Business Page).

Step By Step On How To Invite All Facebook Friends To Fan Page

  1. Log On to Facebook Website using any browser on your PC (Computer)

2. Visit The Newly Created Fan Page Dashboard

3. At the right hand top corner you will see Other Actions Button Click on it

4. Scroll down you will see “Invite Friends” Click on it.

5. At The top right corner you will see the Select All Button Click On It and it will select all your Friens that are yet to like your page.

NOTE: This tutorial can only be done using Computer because the Select All features is only meant for the Desktop Browser.


We stop here for today and I hope with this few simple steps you can be able to invite all your Facebook Friends to like your Business Page at ease. After reading this please don’t forget to share out this tutorials with family and friends it might be of help to someone close to you.



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